Why It’s Best to Send Out Some Printing Jobs Rather Than Handle Them In-House

Your office may have a high-quality printer that also works as a copier, scanner and even a fax machine, and you may be accustomed to using it for a variety of print jobs that you may have needed to send to a printer at one time. However, there are times when it’s still good to send out print jobs rather than handle them in-house, no matter the quality of your printer. Note when it’s best to send out some print jobs and why it may be advantageous for your company. If the job will take a long time Why worry Read More →

Three Considerations for Choosing Good Quality Office Paper

There are numerous printing and duplication needs in most office environments, including production of information reports, printed letters, manuals and catalogues. Generally, you should consider outsourcing these paper tasks to expert printing businesses. This will minimise expenses and wastage because individuals will not print personal materials or unnecessary copies of their work. In addition, outsourcing the printing and duplication work can reduce paper clutter and space consumption by machines. On the other hand, you can choose to invest in the printing equipment to mitigate the service charges. Regardless of our choice, it is important to acquire good paper for quality Read More →

Cardboard Box Design for Board Games

Imagine this scenario: you’ve spent months developing your board game, writing the rules, constructing miniatures and choosing an artist that can portray your vision, your game goes to print and you feel an overwhelming sense of relief. However, when you receive the completed product, the box is too large, the colour scheme is wrong, and at a glance, your game looks just like every other independent board game on the shelves. First impressions are everything. It’s easy to find manufacturers that can produce professional game components – cards, dice, game tiles – but none of this matters without a top Read More →