Considerations for Choosing Commercial Promotional Sticker Adhesives


Stickers are ideal materials for promoting and advertising your business to the public. Basically, these are printed on normal paper or polymer material, so the products are relatively cheap to consider for mass production. Moreover, the stickers can be stuck on different surfaces for great visual impact, including vehicles, walls, notebooks and even other promotional items. If you are planning on using this type of promotional material for your company's campaign, it is critical to choose the right adhesive. Your choice will determine the durability of the sticker. Here are the primary aspects that you should consider when choosing the right adhesives for your commercial stickers.

Type of Adhesive

The adhesives used on stickers can be categorised into three: rubber, acrylic and modified acrylics. Rubber-based adhesives are designed to stick well on diverse surfaces such as plastic and metals. The stickers will have instant adhesion properties and are cheap to purchase. However, these are suited for short-term indoor applications because rubber is vulnerable to UV exposure and chemicals. Acrylic adhesives are designed for long-term outdoor applications because the material is resistant to solar exposure and most chemicals. The cost is higher, but the adhesive will last longer. Modified acrylic is a variant of the acrylic type. It offers better adhesion but the resistance against heat is low.


You should consider the removability of the stickers before commissioning the production of the stickers. There are three primary categories of adhesives with regard to these aspects: permanent, removable and repositionable. As implied, permanent stickers are designed for a lasting application, so they cannot be utilised for short-term promotional projects. They are cheap because there is no special technology required to create the products. However, they are unfavourable because they damage surfaces. Removable products are fabricated for one-time application; it can be removed but the sticker will lose the adhesive. Repositionable stickers can be removed without losing the adhesive and stuck on another surface. Both the removable and repositionable stickers are more favourable for short-term projects.

Specialty Adhesives

If you plan to apply the promotional material on unusual surfaces, you should consider checking for specialty adhesive stickers. For instance, cold temperature stickers have good adhesion on cold surfaces while all temperature alternatives have good adhesion on all types of surfaces. Wet stick can adhere well to moist surfaces and tire adhesives can stick to porous surfaces like unfinished concrete and porous. You should discuss your options with the sticker supplier before making your order to ensure that you have the right choice.


22 March 2016

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