What Many People Overlook When Choosing a Colour Printer for Their Home


Choosing a colour printer for home use can be more challenging than you may realize, as there are simply so many choices available to you. If you've never worked in an office or had to choose your own colour printer before, you may not know all the factors to consider when you're ready to buy. Note a few things you don't want to overlook when choosing a colour printer for home use.

1. Borderless printing

If you want to print your own photos or marketing materials for a home business, you may want borderless printing, or printing that goes right to the edge of the paper. However, not all printers offer this and without it, your photos, brochures, flyers, and other pieces can look amateurish and of poor-quality. If you want borderless printing, be sure you look for this on the box or website when shopping for a printer.

2. Print speed

If you'll just be using your printer to print off the occasional photo or receipt for an online purchase, you may not be concerned about its print speed. However, if you need a printer for printing out documents for your home business, research for school papers, and other such work, you want one with a higher print speed. Consider that if a printer only manages a print every 20 seconds, that's three pages per minute. For a 15-page report, that would take five full minutes to print! This can get very wearisome over time, especially if you're trying to run a home business, print out large reports, and so on. Always check the print speed and especially for colour prints, as these can take longer than black and white, and be sure you invest in something that will work for your needs.

3. Replacement cartridges

Before you buy any colour printer, always find out how easy replacement cartridges are to find and how much they cost. Some printers have very expensive cartridges that are only available through the manufacturer's website and a small list of suppliers, and this can mean your printer winds up costing you a lot more money over time than you imagined.

Along with pricing and finding cartridges, note how many prints you can expect from each cartridge. If one cartridge is a third more money but offers two or three times as many prints, it's actually cheaper overall. Take the time and do the math on replacement cartridges before you buy any colour printer for home.


23 March 2016

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