Don't Overlook These Factors When Choosing a New Photocopier for Your Office


Despite all the modern programs that are often used for scanning documents and storing them electronically, most offices will still need a photocopier available. These pieces of equipment can be a major cost investment, so you want to ensure you choose the right one with all the features you need. Rather than simply buying the most expensive copier and assuming it will be best, note a few features you'll want to consider for your office copier.

1. Remote access

Many years ago, a standalone copier was your only option, but today's machines can typically hook up to your office's networking system so that documents can be sent from a person's computer right to the copier itself. This can be very convenient and can cut down on the time spent by one person standing in front of the copier, manually running off copies, but note that it might also encourage people to print out documents unnecessarily. The more convenient it is to make copies and prints, the more copies and prints your staff might create! If you do choose one with remote access, be sure your staff understands the need to be judicious so they don't waste toner or paper and put unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.

2. Speed

Note the speed of the machine, meaning how many prints it can produce in a minute, and be sure you consider how many departments or individuals will be using the machine. You may not think that your office produces many copies but if you have several different departments all connected to one copier, this can create a huge backlog of prints to produce. In these cases it can actually be good to invest in two or three machines, even if they each have a slower speed, so there is less wait time for documents to be printed or copied.

3. Paper type

If you need to consistently copy anything other than a standard piece of office paper with black ink, be sure you note if your chosen copier can scan the item to be copied. For example, some classrooms and boardrooms still use transparencies in an overhead projector. You might want to copy blueprints or architectural drawings. Your paperwork may have drawings in a light grey ink. These things may have very light print that is not easily scanned by a standard photocopier, so be sure you choose a model that is meant for different types of paper, ink, and so on.


29 March 2016

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