Three Considerations for Choosing Good Quality Office Paper


There are numerous printing and duplication needs in most office environments, including production of information reports, printed letters, manuals and catalogues. Generally, you should consider outsourcing these paper tasks to expert printing businesses. This will minimise expenses and wastage because individuals will not print personal materials or unnecessary copies of their work. In addition, outsourcing the printing and duplication work can reduce paper clutter and space consumption by machines. On the other hand, you can choose to invest in the printing equipment to mitigate the service charges. Regardless of our choice, it is important to acquire good paper for quality material. Consider these critical factors when selecting your office duplication paper.

Coated and Uncoated Paper

Both coated and uncoated paper is valuable in the office environment, so your choice will depend on your application. As implied, the coated option is treated with a special agent to improve the printing properties of the surface. The common paper coating options include gloss, satin and matte. The gloss type has a sheen which reduces ink absorption and provides good colour definition. It is ideal for posters and catalogues since they often have numerous images. Satin paper has good sheen but is subdued, while matte is dull. Both produce good colour, but there is less glare compared to glossy paper. Uncoated paper is the normal duplicate paper designed for normal document printing and photocopying.

One or Two-Sided Coating

If you require coated office paper, you will need to choose between the single and two-sided options. Basically, the one-sided product is designed for printing on a single side. It is an ideal choice for making covers for manuals or standard single-sided business cards. On the other hand, two-sided paper is treated on both sides to achieve the uniform printing properties. This is an ideal choice because it will allow printing on the front and reverse sides of the paper. Your business can reduce the costs associated with purchasing paper for large printing operations. For example, if you are printing catalogues, the two-sided option can save you money significantly.


You should consider the opacity of both coated and uncoated paper when purchasing stock for your office. Basically, this characteristic refers to the ability of light to pass through the sheet of paper. If the opacity of the paper is low, you will be able see the printed text from the reverse side. On the other hand, papers with high opacity are more expensive. Therefore, you should compare papers with different levels of light absorbencies before purchase. 


31 March 2016

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