Why It's Best to Send Out Some Printing Jobs Rather Than Handle Them In-House


Your office may have a high-quality printer that also works as a copier, scanner and even a fax machine, and you may be accustomed to using it for a variety of print jobs that you may have needed to send to a printer at one time. However, there are times when it's still good to send out print jobs rather than handle them in-house, no matter the quality of your printer. Note when it's best to send out some print jobs and why it may be advantageous for your company.

If the job will take a long time

Why worry about the time it will take to complete a large print or copy job? This is because your machine produces heat when it works and even if it has a good ventilation system or fan, it may still have some of that heat trapped as it operates. In turn, the inner gears, rollers, and other pieces may suffer excess wear and tear the longer the machine runs. When you break up print jobs into smaller segments, the machine has time to cool down as it operates, but you may not have the time to keep going back and forth to your printer or copier in order to get the job done, and this might cause you to miss a deadline of some sort. 

Instead of risking this damage to your machine, it's good to send the print job out. Heavy-duty commercial machines can often run longer without overheating, or a commercial printing company may have several machines they can use at one time.

For photos and graphics

Your machine may work well to print photos and graphics, but a commercial machine may pick up more detail that your machine may miss. This is especially true for larger print or copier jobs, where the machine may start to overheat as mentioned above, and which then might cause the ink to smudge or smear. Commercial machines may also have more color tones they can print or copy so that the graphics and photos are truer to the original.

For oversized paper

Your machine may allow you to feed in oversized paper or special sizes, but these can easily get caught on the rollers and other parts inside the machine. Any paper jam can cause the machine to overheat and also cause damage to the rollers and other parts of the machine; this can also slow down your work and distract your staff when they could be accomplishing something else rather than fishing paper out of the printer or copier! Send out these jobs to get them done quickly and easily and avoid damage to the machine.

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8 August 2016

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